What Makes This the Perfect Fit For Your Event?

There’s hardly a sound sweeter than a packed out church with people laughing their heads off. A loving warm environment makes them more receptive to hear the message and the experience of that creates a desire to return.

But that doesn’t happen on its own. With over 24 years of proven and time-tested events with Christian organizations around the country, the most important elements for these kinds of gatherings have emerged… 

Can I say first that I absolutely love entertaining and speaking in such a way that not only has the audience laughing until they cry but provides a segue in an engaging story which offers an opportunity to share the word of God. It is, of course, not your skill or mine that changes lives but the power in the word of God and the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

There is certain bent toward the approach in each event depending on the purpose.

Outreach: These events may contain a high percentage of non-churched visitors who don’t understand Christianeze. We’ll warmly welcome them and make them feel at home with no pressure. The entertainment should be utterly surprising. They never expected to have that much fun. Countless lives are changed for eternity and what a powerful opportunity for growth.

Family Nights: Have you ever noticed members coming in and out of the service with hardly time to stop and talk. People are so busy! Summer disperses the members, Spring is intense with testing, holidays force people to focus on an overload of tasks. There comes a time to reunite as a church family. To be together in a less formal way. To laugh, enjoy one another’s company, to express the goals of the church and be encouraged through the word.

Appreciation: Where would the church be without the volunteers? A dinner or dessert night with a show is a wonderful way to say thanks. It’s a way to recognize all the thankless hours they put in. We make them laugh and have a blast then share the stories of unsung heroes that God used to change lives.

Conference: Let’s face it, conferences can be a bit dull. The teaching, the classes, the teaching. Not to mention the teaching. Leave them on a high note they will never forget. A hilarious show that drives home the main point of the conference will go a long way toward the future success of the conference.

Fund Raising: Let me just say, grab my free PDF “8 Tips to a Successful Fund-Raising Event.” Too much to say in a brief synopsis however hilarious entertainment is something you do not want to leave out of the plan. It brings everyone together and offers the opportunity to share the tremendous value of your cause to change and save lives.

Any Gathering is a place where laughter is needed. Youth, Kids, Seniors. Retreats, promotions and the annual cover dish luncheon. There is tremendous benefit in laughter. Not just average smiles and chuckles but that deep laughter that we rarely experience.

When it’s all said and done, few people remember the meal or the décor but they never forget having the time of their life. They want to return again and again. When an experience is over the moon fantastic, the word spreads and events grow.

An audience who loves being part of your event will sit quietly when the hilarity subsides and receive the message. They will absorb the true purpose for being there. They aren’t bored, looking at their watch, if anything, time has gone too fast. They want more. They are ready to receive.

This is an incredibly valuable moment and one that requires tremendous responsibility. What will they hear in that moment?

“So shall my word be which goes forth from my mouth; It shall not return to me empty. Without accomplishing what I desire, And without succeeding in the manner for which I sent it.” Isaiah 55: 11

Who Benefits from Christian Entertainment

Conference Leader

You missed the meeting and got put in charge. We’ll give them a conference they will never forget with hilarious laughter and a message that drives the point home.


You want a Family night to bring everyone back together. An Appreciation Banquet to say ‘Thanks.” A Special event with a specific purpose like a Valentine Banquet. I’m just warming up.

Youth and Recreation Ministry

Outreach creates tremendous opportunity for growth and countless lives changed for eternity. Sports celebrations, Youth rallies and kid’s celebrations all greatly benefit from a night of extreme laughter, fun and message of the world’s greatest news.

Education Ministry

From the VBS Celebration Night to a training seminar, hilarious entertainment and a powerful themed message will make all the difference.

Fund Raising

You want to raise funds for your very important cause but are not sure how to go about it. Be sure to ask for my  PDF “8 Tips to a Successful Fund Raising Event.”

Just a few of the reviews...


“If you want to laugh…he’s your man.”

Dr. Gary Chapman / Author “The Five Love Languages.”

“Great! Spot on! Message was perfect. We needed that.”  

Rev. Kevin Laufer Central Baptist Church Owasso OK

“Not just a funny man. He’s a minister that touches your soul.”

Dr. Dennis Swanberg

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Everyone is still laughing days later.”

Michelle Fontaine Calvary Chapel Cary NC

“This is the third time…always has us rolling in the aisles…message is always on target.”

Kirt Strickler Ontario First Church of God Lexington OH

“Matt should be committed.”

Mark Lowry

Three Options To Fit Your Event

The Show + A Custom Themed Message


The Show with a message to fit your occasion

The Show + Evangelical Presentation


The Show with an engaging and biblical presentation of the gospel

The Show + Message and Additional Engagement


The Show and message with an additional message the following day

The right entertainment and message can result in lives changed forever and an event that is never forgotten.

The wrong entertainment and message can make your event lose momentum and the valuable attention of the attendees.

Make the right choice!
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