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What Makes Us the Perfect Fit for Your Event?

My name is Matt Fore. I make people laugh. A lot. And I make dinner events a huge success with hysterical one liner comedy and surprising, impossible feats of magic. It's proven and time tested with corporate and association events around the country for more than 24 years. Motto: "Not a Dry Seat in the House."  I understand that the entertainment is the most important part of any event. It’s what delivers the atmosphere of happiness and laughter. It’s what leaves the audience with a positive impression they never forget and makes them want to return. Having no entertainment or the wrong entertainment can leave your event flat… or worse. Let’s face it...

you aren’t gathering for no reason. Whether you are celebrating a week of training, presenting awards, honoring members or teaching a specific message, excellent entertainment pulls the audience together as one unit and gives them an amazing experience they always associate with you and your organization.

Quality entertainment gives you attentive ears. Imagine the value of hundreds of people, with a positive mindset, focused exclusively on your message. Are you promoting an idea, promoting membership, teaching a message, raising funds? By capturing attention, gaining respect, giving the audience an experience of laughter and wonderment they have not had in many years then providing a segue that leads to a receptive and effective listener, this show creates a powerful tool for positive change.

Some just want the entertainment without the topic. “Just make us laugh. We’ve worked long enough.” I love that too. In either case, the effect of these shows is proven and time tested with corporate and association events across the country for such organizations as TIAA-Cref, Sodexho Marriott, The Magic Castle in Hollywood, H&R Block, Wilco Hess, Independent Insurance Agents Association, Homebuilders Associations and Southco Distributing, just to name a few.

And yes, I've performed for Carnival Cruise Lines, The Magic Castle in Hollywood, been on several national TV shows, and was voted IBM Ring 63 “Magician of the Year” twice in a row. Does that matter? Perhaps to my mother. To you, it just means you can sit back, relax and know that I will take your attendees from wherever they are to hilarity in less than a minute.

“It was amazing to hear nonstop laughter from 300 of our area business man and women.”

-Chris Rhyne, Lincoln Chamber Annual Gala, Lincolnton NC

Who Needs Professional, Hilarious Entertainment?


The Event Chairperson in charge of lining up the entertainment

So, you missed the meeting and got put in charge. What to do? Don’t take a chance on anything that’s not proven and time tested over and over again.

Planning a FundRaising Venture

Yes, we will have your audience laughing until they cry but Matt is excellent at grasping your cause and delivering that from a segue into an effective call to action.

Awards and Celebration Night

Let’s face it. Awards Nights are not always riveting. Speeches and recognitions can cause eyes to glaze over. Let’s ramp it up, generate an evening of laughter and send everyone home happy.

Anyone Planning a Gathering

That’s right. Anywhere people gather, whether it’s a banquet, luncheon, association dinner, conference or… whatever, the right entertainment brings everyone together as one unit and delivers a hilarious and positive experience.

Event Planners

Once your entertainer hits the stage, you are no longer in charge. It’s a huge reflection on you and your company. Make sure your feedback is raving reviews.

Just a few of the many reviews...


“The best I have ever seen, hands down, bar none.”

Mike Samuels, Law Partner, Phoenix AZ

“I knew it was going to be good. I didn’t know it was going to be that good.”

George Valverde, Good Samaritan Health Gala, Tulsa OK

“When we have great entertainment like that, people want to come back the next year.”

Larry Bush, GA Tire Dealers Association, Macon GA

“We laughed from the start all the way to the very end.”

Tonya Thompson, Independent Insurance Agent Association, Asheville NC

Three Options To Fit Your Event

The Show

Hilarious and Eye-Popping After-Dinner Conference or Banquet Entertainment

The Show PLUS

Hilarious After-Dinner Show wrapped up with Keynote topic to fit your Event (click here to see topics)

The Show PLUS + All The Goodies

The Show, Keynote topic plus Matt's books and Comedy CDs for your hardworking staff

The right entertainment makes your event a massive success.
The wrong entertainment can leave your attendees, tired, bored and inattentive.

Make the right choice!  
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