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The 'Say NO' Magic Show

Drug, Alcohol, and Tobacco Prevention

The 'I am Trustworthy' Show

Respect, Kindness, Trustworthiness, and Perseverance

Comedy Magic Reading Show

Exciting Kids to Love Books and Reading

Bigger than the Bully

Elementary and Middle
Bully Prevention

Making Right Decisions

Middle Only
Exciting Kids About Their Potential

What Makes These Shows so different than other assemblies?

I’ve entertained as a Comedy Magician for Carnival Cruise Lines, The Magic Castle in Hollywood and on several national TV shows. This is not just another show. What your students are about to see, they will never forget. And they will laugh until they cry.

But it’s so much more than just the show. I’ve been entertaining and speaking to kids for more than 25 years. As you know, for some students, the only positive influence they get is at school. According to a writing by … 

“Tobacco Free for Life, children who smoke are four times more likely to use cocaine. When we prevent a child from smoking, we prevent a lot of trouble later in life. And the domino effect of that is immeasurable.

The “Character” Show is a major blast for kids and the lessons are taught with magic and object lessons they can remember. What is the value of inspiring a kid to be trustworthy, to understand the value of being kind and to encourage them to never give up on something they want to accomplish?

I was bullied for an entire school year as a child. This message is very personal for me. At time bullying was not discussed very much but it can be a debilitating problem. In the “Bigger then the Bully” show, we outline the action steps to avoid bullying then what to do if it becomes a problem. Even so, the story at the end of the show has become the big hit.

A favorite topic is “Making Right Decisions.” Geared just for middle schools, this is the anti-lecture. It is designed, not to preach at them but to excite the students on what is actually possible, based on their natural gifts when they make good decisions in their life. This is a show every middle school student should see.

Yet almost all success is supported by one element. If you said, “Reading,” you are absolutely right. Books open up worlds we didn’t know existed.

When students understand they will meet new friends through reading and go on adventures that couldn’t be possible, when they see how they can reach new heights through reading it becomes a pleasure instead of a chore.

These are powerful, life changing themes and they are delivered through the instruments of genuine gut wrenching laughter and eye-popping impossibilities.

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Real Reviews From Real People

“Wonderful! Wonderful! Went right along with what we are teaching…”

Melissa Fitzerald, Director of Student Services, Alleghany County Schools, NC

“Awesome show! Entertainment value was extraordinary. Great message.”

Diane Haynes, Principal, Sparta School, NC

“The students not only laughed and were amazed, they came away with a very clear message. The faculty and staff laughed as much as the students.”

Jamie Little, Director of Student Services, Ashe County Schools

“Students and staff alike are completely engaged in what Matt is saying and doing from start to finish…very interactive, informative and age appropriate.”

Donna Williams, Director of Student Services, Orange County Schools, NC

“I just saw Matt’s show and it was amazing!”

Angela Coachman, Principal, Hillsborough Elementary, Orange County, NC

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