Keynote Topics

Your Customized Topic:

Contact me and let me know about your topic or theme. I can customize and deliver your message in an engaging, humorous and effective way. This includes fundraising for a cause, appreciation for employees and staff, motivation, excellence or any other theme that is moral and of benefit to others. 

The Power of Effective Communication:

Would you like to know more about me? Of course not! You want to know what I can do to solve your problem and ease the pain. This is the core principle of success in all business and association relationships.

When we communicate more effectively, we succeed more effectively. This lighthearted and humorous Keynote challenges the audience on how to listen more actively and create a value that exceeds the price expected.

Effective communication helps us understand the wants and needs of others so that we can help them achieve their objective through the products and services we offer.

The listeners will leave with three specific action steps they can apply immediately for better results in business to generate a positive result.

Humor in Health:

Sickness, depression and disease are rampant, due, in no small part, to daily stress. While the pills, patches and creams serve a purpose, there is one remedy that is highly effective, readily available and free. It’s laughter. And many experts agree.

In my “Humor in Health” session we laugh. A lot. Packed with stories of a grandfather who not only had a great sense of humor but who made everyone’s lives around him bright and full of cheer. And all while suffering from the effects of emphysema.

We discover that laughter delivers an endorphin rush that makes us feel better, it gets our mind going in a different direction, generates antibodies that fight infection and reduces pain.

Humor also breaks down barriers common in business and helps usher in relationships that can be long lasting and profitable for both parties.

In this session we focus on how, not only laughter but a cheerful outlook can bring great benefit to our family, friends and business relationships.

Caring is Profit

Comedian Rita Rudner said, “My bank only has two tellers at the window except during the busy times when they have one.”

We live in a day of horrible customer service. Massive corporations send us through an endless voicemail maze. Giant department stores have only one employee to manage half the store. Companies farm out customer service to countries who can’t speak the language.

Does anyone return a call? Does anyone do what they say? Does anyone care? Rarely. But that’s great news for the business or association who does. When we show up on time, do what we say and deliver more than promised, we stand out like a beacon in the night. As a successful business coach said, “It’s like winning the gold medal because nobody else showed up.”

And while we show that we care because we truly do, nonetheless, excellent customer relationships effectively generate revenue. In this fun and engaging Keynote, the listener will go away with three practical ways to create greater profits through caring.