The Truth Shall Make You Laugh Book


The Truth Shall Make You Laugh Book


Is it ok to laugh during your devotions? If not, you should stay away from Matt Fore's The Truth Shall Make You Laugh.

Filled with hilarious tales and humorous wit, this twist on your quiet-time surprises you with encouragement and delights you with practical insights from God's Word.

From a father who had to instruct his son to stop responding to the alter call every Sunday to an uncle who was outsmarted by a mule, The Truth Shall Make You Laugh is proof that real-life can indeed be funnier than fiction.

Be blessed by a running theme of God's provision and protection. Encounter real-life accounts of angelic protection, divine healing, miraculous provisions, while experiencing the fringes of heaven and other evidences of a supernatural God.

Matt hits the head and the heart with his devotions! Matt's not just a funny man, he's a minister that touches your soul . . . You will be blessed with a smile! So get a cup of dark roast and feed your soul for a while.
Dr. Dennis "The Swan" Swanberg, Minister of Encouragement

The Truth Shall Make You Laugh is my favorite devotional book.
Darren Browning, Minister of Recreation, West Asheville Baptist Church

My wife and I are reading The Truth Shall Make You Laugh and we look forward to it each night!
Steve Varro, International President, Fellowship of Christian Magicians

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