The Truth Shall Make You Laugh

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Is it ok to laugh during your devotions? If not, you should stay away from Matt Fore's "The Truth Shall Make You Laugh."

Filled with hilarious tales and humorous wit, this twist on your quiet time surprises you with encouragement and delights you with practical insights from the word of God. 

From a father who had to instruct his son to stop responding to the altar call every Sunday to a man who was outsmarted by a mule, "The Truth Shall Make You Laugh" is proof that real-life is funnier than fiction.

A very popular item at the end of Matt's live presentations, this devotional is enjoyed by thousands across the US. Grab your copy here. 

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About Matt

Matt Fore is a Humorist, Writer, Speaker and award winning Comedy Magician who routinely serves as the main stage performer for Corporate, Association and Faith based events around the country as he has for more than twenty-four years.  He has performed for Carnival Cruise Lines, The Magic Castle in Hollywood and has appeared on several national TV Shows including The Crook & Chase Show on TNN, Fox Sports and Swan's Place on Odyssey. Matt is a contributor to, and is the author of two books, "The Five Essential Elements - A Simplified Road to Success," and his very popular comedy devotional "The Truth Shall Make You Laugh. He is a lecturer among his peers in the areas of entertainment, sleight of hand magic and effective marketing.

He lives in Johnson City TN with his author wife Jo Ann. They have three or four kids. He is not sure because he spends much of his time on the road.